CVG: Comments of the week

"If dude-bro enters into the Oxford dictionary, I'm blaming you Cliff"

It's been an emotional week, GAME is still battling through a rough period, Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward and some girl named Tulisa Contostavlos fled the country for doing naughty things on camera.

For a while there we thought our bodies wouldn't be able to handle all the drama and would just collapse in on themselves, but lucky for us we've had you keeping us together by telling us we're wrong at every given opportunity, making us laugh by with witty comments and generally using every opportunity to tell others their wrong. Thank you.

Below you'll find some of the more noteworthy comments from the week. Bask in the glory of these commenters

Robert Bowling leaves Infinity Ward

I'm sure he'll respawn sooner or later somewhere else.

We see what you did there TheLastDodo


Seriously, though, the game looks crap.

Points to committing to the maniacal laugh KippDynamite

Starbreeze's next game is Cold Mercury

"Starbreeze will not leave the AAA segment" ...did't realize you were in it in the first place....

"AAA = BF3, CoD, Mass Effect.....Syndicate was not AAA...it was more AAAAAA-RGHHHH

That's a quality of development the world just isn't ready for yet richomack360

Wii U hardware 'on par' with current gen, says Darksiders 2 dev

Anyone else disappointed with this? I thought it would blow the current gen away.

It might not be that powerful but that tablet holds a lot of potential 360_Fan

Rumour: GTA V protagonist, map details leaked?

My cousin's girlfriend's niece who delivers Betterware catalogues to Sam Houser says this is lies.

She sounds legit El Mag

Bleszinski: Gears wasn't planned as 'a dude-bro game'

If "dude-bro" enters into the Oxford dictionary, I'm blaming you cliff.

We're in favour of it Deeplyshallow, it simple and it just works

Video, music now more popular than gaming on Xbox Live

I must admit, I do use my Xbox for a lot more than just Gaming.

Some of the Apps have been brilliant in their execution and implementation. Sky, 4OD, Lovefilm, Netflix, Youtube and a few more, really have kinda stopped me from using my laptop.

If this is MS's main goal (which I think it is), then good luck to them.

Just don't forget about the Games.

We're loving Neflix, especially with the US library trick, we're confident they won't forget the games though StonecoldMC

Shenmue, Space Channel programmer working on Vita rhythm game

How dare you post a headline containing the word "Shenmue" but not immediately followed by the number "3".

Apologies Charlie Bell, it won't happen again

PS4 is called Orbis, launching late 2013 - report

I heard from a friend that this time it will cook steaks!

Steak is the PS4's killer app STE MO

Kelle Santiago leaves thatgamecompany

I want Peter Molyneux, Kelle Santiago and Fumito Ueda to start there own Dev studio and if they could prise Cliff B away from Epic then they could challenge other Super Groups, to one almighty fight!

They'd take down Cream and The Highwaymen with ease, although The Traveling Wilburys would probably put up a pretty good fight!

Truly a dream team of devs there StonecoldMC