How would you change a reborn GAME?

Help build a better retailer...

After a turbulent few weeks GAME's future is finally a little more stable.

Although it had its initial bid rejected by lenders, Comet owner OpCapita's fresh bid to acquire the 333 GAME stores looks to have been accepted, earlier today it confirmed it's to buy a large portion of the troubled retailer. According to multiple press reports a consortium of banks led by Royal Bank of Scotland, which is owed £85m, have approved the takeover, which will save 333 stores and 3,100 jobs.

The investment group has an uphill struggle to return the retailer to full strength, and you can be sure competitors aren't going to make it easy. Tesco has already started to capitalise on the absence of a dedicated video game retailer, its latest print ad campaign positions the supermarket as "the home of gaming" and boasts "the largest number of gaming stores in the UK".


PwC, GAME's administrator, said the retailer's demise was largely a result of having too many stores positioned too close together, and also because it expanded overseas too quickly. Opcapita will no doubt be mindful not to make the same mistakes again, but it is also in an excellent position to address some of the retailer's more irksome practises.

Obviously the main sticking points that will require immediate attention is the disparity of prices between GAME and its competitors. Although it might unrealistic to assert it should be competitive with online rivals, it should at the very least stay on par with outlets such as HMV, which almost always undercut GAME on software launch prices. It's trade-in model could also do with an overhaul, otherwise gamers will likely head to alternatives such as CeX, or sell their games online.

As consumers you're in the best position to analyse what worked and didn't work for GAME, and to come up with solutions and new ideas for what could drive the retailer to success again. So, tell us: how you would change GAME?