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Bethesda teases 'cool' Skyrim news - DLC reveal in April?

Rage and Elder Scrolls announcements incoming

Pete Hines, VP of PR and marketing at Bethesda, has said that fans of post-apocalyptic shooter Rage and epic RPG Skyrim can look forward to a few treats in April.


"Some things coming down the road in April for all you Rage and Skyrim fans" in the form of some "cool news and surprises", he said on Twitter.

What can we expect? The obvious guess is downloadable content for both games.

While we've got all our fingers crossed for horse armour in Skyrim, there's just as much chance we'll get something rubbish like a content expansion pack.

Shortly after release, PC players fiddling with the game found that Bethesda had included both Morrowind and Cyrodiil in Skyrim, sparking rumours that they could be used for DLC purposes. Still though, we'd rather have that horse armour.

Last week Bethesda squashed some bugs with the release of Skyrim patch version 1.5.26.