Next-gen consoles 'aren't the answer' - Spector

"Most of the problems we have to solve are creative ones," Epic Mickey creator says

A new round of console hardware will begin rolling out later this year with Wii U, and Xbox 360 and PS3 successors are expected to arrive the following Christmas, but Deus Ex creator Warren Spector doesn't think they'll provide the answer to many common problems faced by game developers.


Spector, who's currently making his first game for HD consoles in the shape of Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two, told our friends at Edge:

"If it comes it comes; when it comes, it comes," he said. "I'm not a tech guy, particularly. I'm a design, story, character guy. I think most of the problems we have to solve are creative ones, not technical ones.

"Obviously we make software, so there's always a technical element to what we do, but I will make games that do whatever I want them to do at the end of the day, and I will use whatever technology [is] available."

A number of developers recently expressed hope that Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4, or whatever Microsoft's and Sony's next generation consoles are called, will be more open development platforms than their predecessors.

It was claimed earlier today that Microsoft has told third-party developers its next-generation Xbox will feature in-built Kinect and Blu-ray functionality and be available by Christmas 2013.

Microsoft's most recent comment on Xbox 360's as-yet-unannounced successor is that "there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon".

Asked in February about Sony's plans for new home console hardware, US PlayStation boss Jack Tretton played down the chances of the company launching PS4 any time soon.