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This Kinect Star Wars video violates our childhood

Shield your eyes: Han Solo does Galactic Dance Off...

We wanted to stick up for Kinect Star Wars, we really did. Even Princess Leia's Galactic Dance Off couldn't put us off the game's other promising modes.

But Han Solo busting his Chris Brown moves to a custom version of Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" is just too much. LucasArts: this was a really bad idea.

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UPDATE: There's more!

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Originally due to be released as part of Microsoft's Christmas 2011 line-up but later delayed in order to achieve its "full potential", Kinect Star Wars promises to let "you unleash your inner Jedi - with no controller in the way" across single and co-op, competitive and duel modes.

The game and the (admittedly incredible) limited edition 'R2-D2' Xbox 360 will release worldwide tomorrow. Look for our review shortly.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]