'Mass Effect 3 ended that way because it's how BioWare planned it to end'

Should it be changed? Rob thinks not...

On last week's mailbox
we had Sam Bray, who says he's having a hard time enjoying games these days.

This week we've got a touchy subject: the Mass Effect 3 ending, which Rob McFerran says ended the way BioWare intended and shouldn't be changed.


According to the internet, the ending of Mass Effect 3 sucks and fans are rallying to sign a petition to get BioWare to change the ending [BioWare has now revealed new DLC content addressing complaints]. Put simply, this is ridiculous. ME3 ended that way because it's how BioWare planned it to end.

I understand that players have put hundreds of hours into building their characters, but just because you don't like it doesn't mean you protest for the game to be changed. It's meant to end that way. Some endings suck, that's just the way it is. It doesn't mean you didn't LOVE EVERY SECOND of playing and getting to the end or that its now 'the worst game ever'.

I don't like peanut butter but I would never petition to have it changed to something else that I do like. I just move on and buy the product I like instead. It's not the end of the world. It could all just be a dream or - worse yet - it could be like the end of Lost.

CVG says: This writer will cop to not having completed Mass Effect 3 yet (I'm savouring it), so we'll let our chums at PSM3 field this one...

PSM3 says: Good point, Bobby. Can we can you Bobby? We find the outrage hard to take too. We're long-term fans of Mass Effect and have chosen to sink hours of our lives into the series, but just can't see how that choice entitles us to editorial control, or removes it from the authors of the story.

We've all bought albums where we don't like every song, movies where the ending unravels, drinks with an aftertaste we didn't enjoy. Does that entitle us to compose, direct and brew new versions and demand they're sold to us under the old label? No.

The idea of creativity being controlled by a noisy minority - dictated - is worrying. At best this campaign is misguided; at worst, it's both rather pathetic and potentially dangerous.