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MS announces 'Triple Play' rewards promotion

Play games, watch videos and download content to get free MS Points

If you regularly play games, consume video content or use Facebook on Xbox Live, you could earn yourself 300 Microsoft Points (£2.57) by taking part in the platform holder's new Triple Play promotion.


It's split between Xbox Live gaming, entertainment and social categories, and have to complete one activity from each to earn your points. Here are the requirements:


  • Play a Kinect game for two hours
  • Play online via Xbox Live for ten hours
  • Spend 800 Points or more on game-related items (Games on Demand, DLC, XBLA, etc.)


  • Spend 400 Points or more on any film or TV content
  • Use one of the following apps for ten hours: BBC iPlayer, blinkbox, Crackle, Last.FM, LOVEFiLM, MUZU, Netflix, Sky, VEVO or Zune


  • Use Facebook on Xbox Live for one hour
  • Use YouTube on Xbox Live for one hour
  • Use Video Kinect on Xbox Live for one hour

The offer runs throughout April and can only be completed once (thanks, OXM).

Microsoft said last week that videos and music are now more popular than online gaming on Xbox Live.

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