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GAME 'needs a digital strategy - fast,' warns TIGA

UK trade association highlights threats posed to the retailer by digital marketplaces

After months of uncertainty and an administration process that saw 100s of stores closed and 1,000s of jobs lost, GAME's future is looking a little brighter today.

With a new owner, a new management team, and assurances that there'll be no further store closures or job losses, the retailer is on the road to recovery.


But Richard Wilson, CEO of UK video games trade association TIGA, has today warned that GAME needs to get with the times quickly if it's going to counter the growing threat to its business posed by digital marketplaces.

"GAME has suffered from physical and online competition, the shift from physical to digital games, and the decision by big global publishers not to stock GAME with new releases," he said.

"Given the rapid transition to digital gaming with consumers spending money on platforms such as Steam, Origin, the App Store, PSN, XBLA and Android market, GAME will have to develop a digital strategy - fast.

"More generally, it is vital that we support the growing number of small to medium sized developers and digital publishers that have emerged over recent years. TIGA are working hard to support these studios in a variety of ways, including through the provision of best practice information and advice."