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Witcher 2 catch up-trailer details the first game's story

Don't watch this if you're still planning on playing the original

CD Projekt has launched a Witcher 2 trailer designed to catch up prospective players who missed out on the first game in the RPG series.


The spoiler-filled movie details the first game's story, so you should obviously avert your eyes now if you still plan on playing the original ahead of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition's release on Xbox 360 and PC later this month.

The sequel's story kicks off just after the events of the first game, but CD Projekt says you can happily jump straight in without knowledge of previous events.

CD Projekt lead level artist Marek Ziemak recently told us he thinks RPGs continue to be so popular because they satisfy "the need to run away from your normal life".

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