Resident Evil ORC and Sennheisser X320 Winners

Did you win the loot? Find out inside...

We like to give away free stuff on CVG and we know you lot like winning it, so just in time for Easter, here's the results of a couple of competitions and the gaming goodies heading your way.

First up the Resident Evil ORC compo, where Xbox 360 copies of the game, plus the rather splendid limited edition carry case with Umbrella Security Service and Spec Ops badges up and a real fake authentic G-virus sample was up for grabs.


Here's the winner of the main prize (by CVG username):

Cpt. Price

And the four lucky runners-up who receive a copy of the game

  • MrRichTea
  • Silentbob293
  • abeesley2k1
  • bingophil

And the lucky winners of the ultimate X320 Senheisser gaming headsets from our Facebook compo

Daniel Yedrysek
Philip Leonard

That's it, more winners and updates soon.