Borderlands 2: 'Solo players don't like jackasses messing with their story'

Gearbox on balancing co-op in its shooter sequel

Borderlands is perhaps best known as a shooter aimed squarely at co-operative play, but with its sequel developer Gearbox wants to make sure the solo experience gets equal attention.


Speaking to CVG over loud dubstep, Gearbox VP Steve Gibson explained how the studio designed its story and mission system to cater to those who prefer the loan wolf experience.

"The story stuff and the mission system... that works really well with the guys who love to play solo," he said. "Because we want people who are passionate about that solo experience to experience that.

"So yeah, the story telling and the mission system is aimed right at those guys, because that's a big deal. Tonnes of people play solo and a lot of guys don't like jackasses messing with their story."

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