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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC guide: Getting the most out of Dead Kel

We take apart the new Legend of Dead Kel DLC and reveal its many secrets

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2nd Upgrade - Armoury

Requires: 2 x Emberwood, 2 x Sailcloth, 4 x Seasteel
The Armoury is built to the right of Gravehal Keep, holds a blacksmithing forge and is run by Master at Arms Ollie Madsen. Speak to him by the campfire in the grounds to initiate training by fighting beasts in the nearby pit, and by beating the record times against each beast you can unlock unique reward items.


These are the record times and the items you receive for beating them:

  • Boggarts - 30 seconds
  • Brownies - 28 seconds
  • Rats - 25 seconds
  • Spiders - 36 seconds

  • Bears - 35 seconds
  • Wolves - 38 seconds
  • Barghests - 40 seconds
  • Root Golem - 60 seconds [unlocks after completing main quest]

Reward Items:
  • Beat 1 Record - Dverga Ornamental Chain necklace
  • Beat 3 Records - Dvergan Emerald ring
  • Beat 5 Records - Dvergan Swords daggers
  • Beat 7 Records - Trencher greatsword
  • Beat all 8 Records - The Crafted Sun stave

3rd Upgrade - Tunnels

Requires: 3 x Beachstone, 2 x Bearhide, 3 x Seasteel
Opening up the Gravehal Tunnels adds Scout Zefwyn Lan to the grounds of Gravehal Keep. By speaking to him you can send him out to search various shipwrecks for salvageable items.


Salvaged items are randomised and include weapons, armour, building materials, reagents, shards and food. Sometimes Zefwyn will report he has been attacked and you will need to collect the items from a marked location on the map. It is also possible for Zefwyn to rescue additional characters, who are added to Gravehal Keep as trainers.

4th Upgrade - Library

Requires: 3 x Bearhide, 3 x Emberwood, 4 x Sailcloth
The Library is built to the left of Gravehal Keep, holds an alchemical lab and is run by Librarian Deirdre Gwint. She can translate any ancient texts you find, which awards XP as well making the translated text available to read in you inventory.


Completing this upgrade also adds Traveller Calum Toomey, who sets up a stall inside the main hall of Gravehal Keep and will purchase any stolen items you wish to sell.

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