5 brilliant gaming Easter Eggs

Our favourite hidden treats...

It's nearly Easter! You know, the time where it's completely OK to gorge on crème eggs till your blood turns to chocolate, your eyes start secreting fondant filling and you keel over and collapse as a result of your euphoric chocolate eating frenzy.

Easter Eggs aren't just chocolaty treats though. In games, they take different shapes. They could be a hidden reference to another game, a different developer or something else entirely unexpected.

Gaming Easter Eggs gift you with a brief moment of discovery as you piece the connection together. A spark occurs, and your smile spreads from ear to ear. "I know what this means!" you cry inside your own little head, feeling like the cleverest person in the world, but not wanting to outwardly express your joy for fear of seeming odd. Then, just like that, you're back in the game, shooting stuff, driving cars or slashing monsters.

Here's a brief list of some of our favourite video game Easter Eggs to keep your curious brains ticking across the holiday weekend. Obviously, there's hundreds of classic video games crammed with Easter Eggs, but they're all well catalogued, so we've decided to pick a few from recent games.

We're sure you've got hundreds to share with us, too, so leave them in the comments below for your fellow readers...


Warning: Spoilers ahead


Dead Space mostly had us soiling our pants, but did you ever notice the connection between chapter names?

An observant eye would've noticed that the first letter of each chapter spells out a rather ominous message: NICOLEISDEAD.

Of course, had you noticed that then you would have spoiled the game for yourself. Nicole was protagonist Isaac's beloved girlfriend, who - for the majority of Dead Space - you were led to believe was alive. That is until the game did a psychedelic twisting flip on you and revealed your gorgeous sweetheart had been dead the whole time; she topped herself before the events of the game had even started. Gutted, right?!

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