CVG: Comments of the Week

"Just wait till they reveal the mini cooking game with Jabba..."

This week we're putting together Comments of the Week a little earlier thanks to the oh-so-welcome Easter break.

As a result anything anything witty, intelligent or hilarious you've said over the last few days has probably missed it because we're neck deep in chocolate and we're not going to apologise for it.

But before we scarpered off though we did managed to gather a few of our favourite comments from the past few days.

Here they are...

GAME: 'No more stores to close,' says new owner

Fantastic news for all those affected by the uncertainty of losing there jobs and livelihoods!

Now all the new management team need to do is reconnect with the consumer, give us a reason to use your store and there is no reason why they cant have a profitable business.

Just don't mess this up!

Well said StonecoldMC

All this means nothing if they just go back to the way the Game Group operated before Administration it needs big changes to get people confident and happy enough to go shopping there again, personally they should have scrapped the Game / Gamestation brand and started from scratch with something new i think the Game Group name is damaged to much but we will have to see

We're hoping the current leadership doesn't make the same mistakes too Terranova1

Xbox 720 has Blu-ray, 2 GPUs, always-on internet - Rumour

here's no in-built toaster then I'm not interested.

Remember the first batch of Xbox 360s lordirongut? You may toast your bread with it yet...

This Kinect Star Wars video violates our childhood

Alright guys, let them have it....

This is an april fools from yesterday right? Theres no way I'm falling for this.....right?!! - buffig

Yet more proof that no one hates their fans as much as George Lucas. -Godlike Ape


I should never have had to see that.

Just wait till they reveal the mini cooking game with Jabba... -gearyboy

Apple making a physical game controller for iOS devices, report claims

Where are you supposed to put the thing so you can hold the controller instead of the device?

Maybe the controller comes with two extra arms.
There's a face harness drpunk

Sony's Smash Bros. might be called All-Stars Battle Royale

Can't we have Kazanori Yamauichi so we can thump him for all those GT5 delays and bugs?
Seconded, good idea Ali_

Fresh Star Wars: Battlefront 3 video emerges - could this have been a hit?

No thanks!

Ill stick to Star Wars Kinect

We never thought we'd see the day someone would say that, even in jest StonecoldMC