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New Uncharted 3 map pack lands next week - trailer

Graveyard, Oasis, London Street and Old Quarter multiplayer maps detailed

Naughty Dog is to release a new Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception multiplayer map pack next week.


It'll feature four maps, each with a new dynamic event that occurs as the match progresses. Graveyard sees you fighting among ships and shipping crates on rolling waves, Old Quarters is set around dangerous alleys and delicately lit rooms on a Yemen night, London Streets features a bar and back alleys, and Oasis is a sun-drenched battlefield.

Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli said of the dynamic events: "A patrol boat will circle the border of Graveyard launching grenades over the map as it cruises along its path.

"In Oasis, a plane drops a shipping crate that can flatten you or your enemy if you don't move out of its way in time. The crate contains a power weapon if you're smart enough to stay out of the crate's shadow.

"London Street and Old Quarter contain dynamic events as well but we want to leave you a couple big surprises now don't we?"

The map pack will cost EUR 9.99/£7.99, or it's free if you're already a member of the Fortune Hunters' Club, which is Uncharted's DLC season pass.

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