5 games that prove Wii U power doesn't matter

Beefy hardware isn't everything, these games prove it...

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Do you even remember the PS2? Can you even recall what it was like to hold a PSP in your hands? Now the Vita has hit shelves it's hard to recommend the obsolete Sony handheld to anyone, but it had its day and some of the games on it are still worth seeking out. As for the PS2, it's over a decade since the revolutionary console's release but still boasts the what we'd argue is the strongest library of games ever.

Sony's God of War franchise takes a prominent place in that catalogue, it's a series known for its stunning sheen and near-flawless gameplay. God of War 3 is an artistic marvel, but things weren't always as impressive as the tech hidden under the hood of a PS3.

You need only take one glance at either Chains of Olympus or Ghost of Sparta running on a dusty old PSP, or God of War 2 running on the end-of-its-lifespan PS2 to realise what an incredible achievement these games are. No other games on the PSP matched the two GoW spin offs. They weren't just pretty, they were fully functioning, uncomprimisingly rich God of War experiences. Even the lack of a second analog stick didn't hold either of them back from being amazing.

Proof that hardware doesn't have to be all-powerful to produce good games if you ever needed it.

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