5 games that prove Wii U power doesn't matter

Beefy hardware isn't everything, these games prove it...

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Just like Wii, the DS was proof that you don't always need powerful hardware to receive excellent games. GTA Chinatown Wars was one such example; a perfect franchise spin-off expertly executed to fit snugly into your DS handheld without any complications. Who said games on a Nintendo branded console have to be childish?

With the use of a cartoony style and text dialogue instead of full voice acting, Rockstar Leeds managed to bypass technical hindrances and deliver an open-world that felt bustling and alive; a feat not repeated on the system.

The massive single player campaign and dozens of extra activities meant Chinatown Wars was, and still is, one of the most content-packed games on the DS. No corners were cut, and the implementation of the stylus and dual screen controls mean you never felt like you were missing something you might get playing on another device.

That said, it made a PSP appearance not a year and a half later, only slightly shinier but equally as brilliant. The only downside was the fact Rockstar decided to keep the majority of the DS features when they ported it, and there's nothing quite as frustrating as replicating the use of a stylus on a thumbstick.

Still though, a fully-featured GTA experience on a DS, who'd've thunk it?

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