Lost Planet 3 confirmed: Capcom makes controversial developer switch

Spark Unlimited in charge of action sequel

Lost Planet 3's been confirmed by a trailer that appeared, and has since been pulled, from YouTube.


Controversially, the trailer named Spark Unlimited, the studio responsible for mediocre shooter Legendary: The Box, as the developer in charge of the series' latest instalment.

The all-CGI footage showed a new protagonist being pursued by alien beasts on an icy planet. The wise-cracking hero then boarded a giant mech before grappling with an even bigger monster in a snowy showdown.

The video confirmed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sequel will release in "early 2013".

Spark Unlimited is based in California and worked on Call of Duty spin-off Finest Hour for Xbox, GameCube and PS2.

The developer later created first-person shooters Turning Point: Fall of Liberty for Codemasters and fellow shooter Legendary: The Box, both of which were released in 2008 and received middling review scores.

The studio was rumoured to be working on Star Wars: Battlefront 3 earlier this year.

Who's impressed/unimpressed by this news then?