Sonic 4 Episode 2 dated: Playable Metal Sonic add-on announced

Unlockable spin-off for Ep 1 & 2 owners

Sega's announced Episode Metal Lock-On, an unlockable Sonic 4 story available exclusively to those who own both Episode I and Episode II.

The bizarrely named spin-off game will bridge the story between Sonic CD and the Sonic 4 Saga and reveal the origins of Metal Sonic, says Sega.

Players will speed through four acts, from Stardust Speedway to the events of Sonic 4 Episode II, as Metal Sonic himself. See the first trailer below.

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Sonic 4: Episode II, and Episode Metal Lock-On, will be available on May 15 for Xbox Live Arcade (1200 points), PSN ($14.99/ £9.99/€12.99/ AUD$18.25) and PC (£12.99/ $14.99/€12.99/ AUD$19.99).