Resident Evil 6 will take you around 30 hours complete

But you don't have to play all three campaigns

Resident Evil 6 producer Eiichiro Sasaki has said each of the three campaigns in the game clocks in at around the total time it takes to complete Resi 5.


Speaking to NowGamer Eiichiro explained that the complete Resident Evil 6 experience will eat up around 30 hours, making it Capcom's longest survival horror title to date.

"The three characters each have their own story and you can choose whichever one you want and play that story, experience that character's story," he said.

The producer indicated there's likely to be some shared content within these campaigns by alluding to the fact that each one three stories eventually overlap, with the three main characters eventually all meeting up in China.

"In terms of length, each character's story is a little bit less than RE5 but when you combine them together you're getting something that is much longer. While each character's story stands alone, all of the characters wind up in the same area of the game, in China, so there is a certain level of overlap. They stand on their own but they do overlap in certain areas. You don't have to play them all, of course."

Yesterday it was revealed Resident Evil 6 will be split into three distinct campaigns that can be played in any order. Leon's chunk of the story takes place in the US, Chris' in China and Jake, the son of Albert Wesker, handles business in Idonia.