Capcom 'trying to recreate the horror fans remember' for Resi 6

"Even an action story can have elements of horror"

Long-time Resident Evil fans hoping for a return to the series' survival horror roots won't have found much comfort in the first guns-a-blazing trailer for Resident Evil 6. However, the game's producer has assured fans it hasn't forgotten its bread and butter.


Showing off Resident Evil 6 at Captivate, Capcom's Eiichiro Sasaki promised to inject some classic horror back into the game, including the campaigns considered to be very much action-focused affairs.

"Chris' campaign is an action-based thing," he told CVG, "but we're still trying to bring horror elements to each of them in their own way, and even an action story can have elements of horror that you can't do in, say, Leon's story - that greater intensity and pressure."

According to Sasaki, Leon's campaign in particular will be much closer to what fans know and love, mixing classic gothic horror with new cinematic trickery.

"We're really trying to recreate the horrific atmosphere fans remember from the first Resident Evils and going for more gothic horror feel for Leon's part of the story," says Sasaki.

"But usually we left every big story moment to the big cut-scenes. This time we wanted to bring that home to the player and make that more immediate. We tried to add those elements to the game itself and bring the player closer to those dramatic elements."

Capcom has moved the Resident Evil 6 release date forward by over a month. Industry analyst Michael Pachter has said he believes the decision is purely down to "competitive reasons".

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