Mass Effect 3 multiplayer: 10 tips to dominate the Resurgence Pack DLC

Die less and earn more XP with our guide to kicking ass in space...

So, you're over the kerfuffle about Mass Effect 3's ending, you've finished writing that spicy Miranda/EDI fanfic, and now you need to kill some time until the Extended Cut comes out.

Luckily, the just-released - and totally free - Resurgence Pack, which adds new maps, weapons and character types, provides the perfect reason to re-visit the excellent multiplayer mode. And with our tips, you'll be set to crush all-comers like a dead-eyed, biotically-charged, goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like us.

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Obligatory noob primer paragraph: If you haven't tried it already, ME3's online mode has teams of four players fending off 10 increasingly tricky waves of enemies. You can opt to take on the Geth, Cerberus or Reapers, or pick a random opponent and map for corresponding XP bonuses. Some waves come with objectives - shut down four terminals, defend an area, take out specific enemies etc - which must be completed against the clock.

If you survive all 10 waves (so long as one player is alive at the end of each wave, the others will respawn for the next one) there will be a final 'extraction' wave in which you have to hold out while waiting for a shuttle rescue. Got it? Good. On with the guide, and don't forget to share your cool character builds and killer tips in the comments.

Know your limits and plan accordingly

There are three difficulty settings to choose from - bronze, silver and gold - with XP and credit rewards rising accordingly. But no matter how badass you think you are, resist the temptation to dive straight into the harder stuff. You'll only annoy the other players when you keep dying like a first-time comedian at an open mic night.

Gold missions are best approached by teams of friends, with headsets, who can outline a plan in the lobby based on a pre-chosen map and enemy. So if you know you're facing the Geth, you're going to want a Salarian Engineer along to use Shield Drain on them and a Turian Sentinal spamming Overload. Or, if you're up against Cerberus, one of you might want to pick an Asari Vanguard to use Stasis on the Phantoms.

Gold missions are the time you want to break out your best equipment too, allocating Armour, Weapon and Ammo bonuses that best suit the enemy. Once you've stockpiled plenty of kit (acquired by buying packs - which, much like football cards, contain a random mixture of common and rare items - from the in-game Store), it also makes sense to use some equipment in the early matches when you're breaking in a new character and don't want to embarrass yourself. Once reasonably levelled up, you should be able to tackle bronze public missions without the need for bonus gear.

A Question Of Character

When levelling up your character, you should allocate the extra power points with a view to working towards a particular style of play. [Note that before you hit the level 20 cap, you'll earn enough points to max out three parts of the skill tree, leaving 17 points to apply across the remaining two skills.] As an Asari Vanguard I want to be able to pinball around the map with my Biotic Charge attack, so I max that and, to keep me alive, Fitness.

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