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Lost Planet 3: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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It might sound contradictory to suggest monumental battles against aliens the size of skyscrapers - especially after we've just spent the last 3 points babbling on about how we want Lost Planet 3 to make us sob and cry with a heartfelt story and atmospheric corridors - but confrontations with the Akrid were the standout moments of Lost Planet 1 and 2. Without them, Lost Planet 3 will be just another shooter with guns, grenades and burly marines.

When we think about scale and scope, we immediately think about the 'of War' games. That is, God and Gears. If you take nothing else away from either franchise, you can at least admire their untamed ability to think big. From the intro sequence of God of War 3 where you're a mere speck on the back of Gaia as she ascends Mount Olympus, to first boss battle against an angry glowing green fish in Gears 3, scale is a fundamental part of making you feel like a little tiny ant man on the verge of sheer annihilation.

Lost Planet has the same potential to impress; it just needs to get over the familiar issues of boring design. Throw us some over-the-top set piece sequences, make the encounters feel fresh and unexpected instead of running through the motions. Set pieces are the key to creating a memorable experience that'll stick in people's minds when they've picked up the next cut-and-paste shooter; make them worth recounting and replaying.

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