BioWare: 'Sony won't approve Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges for PS3'

Dev explains why PS3 players can't join in on the fun

BioWare has called out Sony for failing to approve Multiplayer Challenge events for PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 3 players.


The latest event, Operation Resurgence, coincides with the release of its first multiplayer expansion, the Resurgence Pack. The downloadable add-on introduces new maps, characters, weapons, and consumables. Those who participate this weekend be given a free Reserves Pack containing one new Resurgence character the following week.

While PC and Xbox 360 players merrily battle it out on their respective platforms, PlayStation 3 won't be able to do the same. A posting on BioWare's official blog fingers Sony's unwillingness to approve the event as the reason for this.

"Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer our Multiplayer Challenge weekends on PlayStation 3. Sony has not yet approved the promotion," reads the post. " We continue to work with them to find a compromise, but until then, Sony will not allow us to run the same Multiplayer Challenges on the PlayStation 3 that we run on Xbox 360 and PC."

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