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Witcher 2 dev wants 'real-life animations' on PS4 and Xbox 720

CD Projekt thinks next-gen will be about enhanced visual quality

With The Witcher 2 preparing to make its Xbox 360 debut next week in the form of an enhanced edition that's also releasing simultaneously on PC, we recently quizzed CD Projekt lead level artist Marek Ziemak about the prospects of next generation of consoles.

Despite recently admitting that the next-gen wasn't all about graphical horsepower, Ziemak said what he's most looking forward to personally from Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 is the enhanced artistic freedom that would come from a leap in visual fidelity.

"Sure, I'm a level artist so for me, it's all about the visual quality," he said. "I want more creative freedom and more great graphics, that's what really makes me want to create games."


Perhaps that's not so surprising coming from someone who's primary focus is impressive looks, but we wanted to know more about what new consoles will actually mean for gamers. Was Ziemak looking for that old chestnut, photorealistic graphics?

"I'm looking for like real-life animations. It's like pushing the limit again and again, creating bigger and greater stuff," he said. "I don't know when it's going to happen, but I want to see this, these great graphics being there on the screen.

"I hope its time comes soon and we won't have to fight about pixels on the screen but worry more about delivering a true experience, the real emotion we can deliver through the game."

Amen to that.