5 Skyrim problems Bethesda needs to fix for Fallout 4

There's lessons to be learned in Tamriel...

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The problem: The faction groups in Skyrim were the standard Elder Scrolls affair with different names to freshen things up. The majority was all great, infusing brilliantly well-realised ideas into the plot lines, but there was often the dull feeling you were running through the motions in order to see everything on offer and hit that precious 1000G.

The Dark Brotherhood was the absolute highlight, with one of the most compelling climaxes in Elder Scrolls history. The College of Winterhold and Companions guilds on the other hand felt brief, unexplored and missed their potential brilliance. They pitted you against apparently world-changing odds, despite the fact nothing really happened if you decided to drop everything and spend 30 hours making leather.

The Solution:With Fallout 4, Bethesda has a wealth of opportunity to expand the faction interactions that occur within the wasteland. By comparison, Fallout 3 had almost nothing in the way of factions to diversify the experience. New Vegas improved that, introducing a fantastically grey expanse where your morals were subconsciously tested. No one told you what was right or wrong, it was just up to you to determine what you thought best for the wasteland inhabitants.

We love that omission of help, hints or a red/blue morality meter. This is a nuclear wasteland for God's sake, who knows what's right or wrong anymore?

Bethesda needs introduce real consequences, heighten the stakes and remove the 'see everything in one playthrough' factor that plagues Bethesda's ability to create peril by changing the world around you as you make choices. Only then will we have a game worth replaying once, twice, three times a Mirelurk.

Even better, include the Dark Brotherhood in Fallout. We'd love that.

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