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Assassin's Creed 3: The Wii U revolution

Everything Nintendo fans need to know about Ubisoft's action series...

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A newcomer's guide to the series' key players

ABSTERGO Industries


The modern face of the Order of the Templars, the corporation hunts through the past for the ultimate weapons of control, the Pieces of Eden. These guys rival Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation for nasty.

Animus, The


A machine developed by Abstergo, it replays the memories of ancestors using a subject's DNA. An upgraded Animus 2.0 was built by the Assassins in ACII and has been updated again for III. But it's not without its side effects: subjects have been driven insane with over exposure.

Assassins, Brother-hood of


Fighting for the rights of individuals to be able to govern themselves, the Assassins battle the oppression that the Templars so desperately desire. Identified by their hooded garb and hidden blade, they are stealthy freedom fighters.

Auditore, Ezio


Son of a Florentine banker in the 15th Century, Ezio became an Assassin after the murder of his father and brother. His story is followed in ACII, Brotherhood and Revelations.

Eden, Pieces of


Ancient artefacts with the power to control human minds, these are the reason Abstergo sent Desmond and others into the past. Apples of Eden are a similar artefact that can store information as well as the handy enslaving feature.

Eagle Vision


A genetically inherited sixth sense that enables Assassins to see an enhanced version of the environment - albeit with a slightly off-putting blue tinge.

Ibn La'Ahad, Altair


Based in Masyaf, 12th Century Assassin Altair is the author of the Codex, a history of the Assassins and an encoded map of a series of mysterious temples across the world he saw via an Apple of Eden.

Miles, Desmond


Brought up as an Assassin in a remote camp near New York, Desmond escaped to New York City where Abstergo kidnapped him. Forced to replay the memories of ancestor Altair Ibn-La'Ahad via the Animus in AC, his escape is facilitated by Lucy Stillman, an Assassin mole. With the help of a small group of Assassins, he continues to journey into the past to locate the Pieces of Eden before the Templars find them.

Templars, Order of


Throughout the centuries, The Templars have sought power and control over civilisation.

Those Who Came Before


An ancient first civilisation who enslaved humans, these mystical creatures created the Pieces of Eden. Wiped out by a solar flare, they appear to have been able to manipulate space and time, which means that from the past they've helpfully been able to let Desmond and co know of their existence and how to stop the end of the world.



Predicted by those pesky Mayans, the end of the world approaches in the form of a solar flare. Those Who Came Before have told of a vault that contains their potential solutions to the rather serious problem. It may or may not be located in New York. We wonder where 18th Century Connor is...

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