Halo 4 release date is November 6, report claims

Launch plans rumoured to be announced by 5pm UK time

Microsoft may be about to announce a Tuesday, November 6 release date for Halo 4.


"Reliable sources close to Microsoft" told The Verge that the launch date will be announced by Microsoft before noon Eastern Time (5pm UK) today.

Microsoft mouthpiece Major Nelson and 343 Industries senior producer Alison Stroll also both took to Twitter to tell followers to look out for "Halo 4 news" today, so don't say you haven't been given the heads-up.

Microsoft released a load of in-game Halo 4 screenshots earlier this month, showing off the title's campaign, multiplayer and some fantastic looking Spartan armour.

343 Industries recently told us it already has "a definite story arc in mind" for Halo 5 and 6.

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