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OPM builds a 'PS4' - Here are the results...

Rumoured tech specs put to the test

Remember those rumoured PlayStation 4 specs? The ones suggesting Sony will use 'off the shelf' components for its next-gen console? Well OPM's bought those bits 'off the shelf' and built its very own PS4.


OPM's next-gen monstrosity (pictured) incorporates an AMD A8 3850 processor and an AMD Radeon HD 7670 graphics card, which is exactly what Sony will use for the PlayStation 4 according to an IGN report.

The specs, if true, are a bit of a shock; the HD 7670 is actually identical to the year-old HD 6670, a mid-range PC graphics card that can be picked up for under £100. The processor too is aimed at the budget crowd.

To see how a homemade PS4 might compare to today's top-end PCs, OPM benchmarked its DIY console against a Core i7 2700K setup.

Although a games console will always run faster than a PC with the same spec, the results are predictably skewed in the Core i7 machine's favour.

OPM's 'PS4' did however manage to run Skyrim on top settings at 30fps, which looks pretty impressive.

See the full results of the PS4 experiment over on OPM.