Researchers mention Xbox in online grooming report, Metro blows it out of proportion

University behind the research labels paper's 'Xbox paedophiles' headline "misleading"

Today's Metro carries the following headline: "Xbox paedophile predators 'move in on prey within two minutes of contact'".


A serious issue by the sounds of, but dig not very deeply and it turns out to be a lazy, attention grabbing headline of the worst kind.

The article's source material is a report into online grooming (where someone makes contact with a child with the motive of preparing them for sexual abuse either online or offline) featuring research conducted by Kingston University.

As well as the use of social networking sites, the report does highlight how gaming platforms, such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, are also used to target children, particularly boys, but Metro's coverage is shoddy at best (we're not just talking about the lazy headline, but the lazy picture researching too - the story initially featured a photo of the original Xbox. Tut tut).

In response to the article, the press office of Kingston Uni told games journo Johnny Minkley: "The Metro headline was very misleading." It's not the first time and we're sure it won't be the last.