Diablo 3 free-to-play 'Starter version' leaked

Beta servers pulled offline following slip-up

Blizzard has accidentally uncovered plans to launch a 'Starter Edition' of Diablo 3.


The slip-up reportedly occurred last night when account holders suddenly found that they were allowed access to the beta without possessing a usually-required beta key.

Players then found that the version offered up was "full of UPGRADE buttons", seemingly asking for payment to access for more features, and displaying notices of features that were "unavailable in the Starter Edition of Diablo 3".

A Starter Edition will be nothing out of the ordinary to Blizzard fans, who've seen similar free-to-play treatments for other titles from the developer including, most recently, StarCraft 2.

Blizzard has since taken the Diablo 3 beta servers offline while it says it works "to resolve an issue affecting the beta accessibility".

An update on server status is expected with an hour - keep your eye on the game's official forum for info.

Blizzard yesterday confirmed that the beta will be permanently shut down on May 1.

[ SOURCE: Ars Technica ]