Pricey Xbox 360 Games on Demand titles 'doing really well'

Microsoft reports "good growth" for Xbox Live in the UK


Microsoft's relatively pricey Xbox 360 Games on Demand titles are performing strongly, according to the platform holder.

Xbox Live UK product manager Pav Bhardwaj told MCV the wider online service is experiencing "good growth" in the UK, with Games on Demand playing its part.

"It really is a successful part of our business, we're very pleased with the growth of Games on Demand and it continues to do really well," he said. "People are buying the games at full price and downloading them all too."

Last year Microsoft defended the pricing of Games on Demand titles, which often launch at around £49.99, by reasoning that the service is designed to provide convenience to consumers.

Bhardwaj said sales of Arcade games and DLC are on the rise too. "We don't have any particular numbers as such, but we've seen good growth with the Arcade titles, and the game add-on business is in growth as well.

"We're really pleased with how it's going. We're bringing new titles out constantly. We brought out a number of titles a few weeks ago, and now we have Trials Evolution, Minecraft, Bloodforge and Fable Heroes. It's a new set of amazing IP and some amazing games."

The four games mentioned above form Microsoft's Arcade Next promotion, which kicked off earlier this week with the launch of Trials.

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