CVG by the numbers

Our reader survey came back recently and it makes for some rather interesting reading

Once in a while you'll be browsing CVG and up will pop a little cube inviting you to take part in one of our regular surveys. Perhaps surprisingly, quite a lot of you do take the time to take part and we're really grateful, as it helps us shape some of the site features and coverage based on what you tell us.

Trouble is, most of this info remains dark, locked forever in the dank depositories of our research department, poured over by marketing goblins and worst of all publishers, trying to get inside your heads and see what makes you, our beloved readers, tick.

But information wants, no, demands to be free and we've managed to stage a raid into the numbers vault and grab a slice of data and we though it might be kind of fun to share that with you. So here it is, CVG, by the numbers, based on the survey many of you took just before Christmas.

Next time that survey pops up, make sure you take part, this stuff is gold.

By the numbers

65% of CVG readers own an Xbox and 65% own a PS3, while 48% also own gaming PCs. This tells us CVG's a broad church and all are welcome.

22% of you have PS Moves slightly ahead of the 19% who own Kinect - let the fanboy
motion controlled flame war commence.

70% of you own a smartphone and 28% of you owning iPhones - 77% of you bought a Smartphone game in the last year. Let's hope they weren't all Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.

What do we want?

11% of you expect to score an iPad in the next 12 months

43% of you expect to spend more than £100 on PC hardware in the next 12 months, which proves the PC torch burns as strong as ever...

36% of you wanted to buy a PS Vita (this was pre-launch) and 26% intend to get a Wii-U - new games tech for the win.

What do we play?

Your most played genre is FPS at 92%, third-person action shooters at 85%, open world 82% and RPGs at 81%

Bang, bang, shoot, shoot! 78% of you play first-person shooters online,.

While you love your hardcore games, 41% of you admit to breaking out the SingStar or Dance Party for some rhythm-action. Just 14% of you like Anime games (Tamoor: 'sad face').

Buying games

You bought on average 16.1 full prices games in the last 12 months - good work! It's your dedication which keeps the games industry in business and us off the streets.

Over half of you talk to loads of people about gaming and consider yourselves gaming champions and key influencers on which games are good!

You're a persuasive bunch, with 87% of you saying you're very likely or quite likely to convince others (outside of the CVG forums maybe) about your opinion on games.

Man up!

It's a sausage fest - 98% of you are male - and most of you (46%) are between 25 and 34! You're more mature too with 23% aged between 35-44 - good to know the gaming flame endures!

You're a cultured bunch, after gaming, watching movies at 84% and listening to music 84% are your principal hobbies.

Smacking that lazy geek stereotype in the mush, 34% of you love health and fitness, though for the 6% who do crafts, we'd like a Master Chief tea cosy for the office please.

Around a quarter of you (24%) grab the popcorn and go out and go to the Movies at least every single month.

It's a Lifestyle thing

You spend four times as much on booze per month than you do on grooming products (good lads, that's the mark - and probably the smell - of a real man).

5% of you 'hardly ever' watch TV and 40% of you watch less than 5 hours a week. Too busy playing games we suspect.

31% of you indulge in adventure sports, with 21% hitting the mountain bike trails and the 10% of others, presumably doing secret ninja training...