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Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers have likely declined - analyst

Aggressive promotions suggest drop in paying customers, reckons Cowen's Doug Creutz

Star Wars: The Old Republic had almost 1.7 million paying subscribers in early March, according to publisher EA, but that number may have declined.

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz said in a research note today he's expecting the game to have 1.25 million paying subscribers throughout fiscal 2013, which kicked off on April 1.


"Server usage appears to have declined in March and early April," he said. "Additionally, EA has been running (in our view) some aggressive promotions for the game, leading us to believe that subscribers have likely declined off of the 1.7MM level EA announced in early February and again in early March. We are now assuming 1.25MM paying subscribers throughout FY13."

Ahead of the game's December launch, EA said The Old Republic would turn a profit if it managed to attract 500,000 subscribers.

BioWare released The Old Republic's Legacy' 1.2 update last week. See what it introduced in the video below:

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