6 things PS Vita needs to turn its fortunes around

What Sony can do make its handheld irresistible...

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Uncharted Golden Abyss was the first glimpse of the Triple-A range on Vita, and while it was great to see an initial boast of the handheld's technological prowess there needs to be bigger and sexier titles lined up. That's especially true if the price remains as is.

But why aren't they here yet? Vita was - and still is - meant to be the 'true gamers device', one that provides you with console-quality games in the palms of your clammy hands, but Sony is yet to deliver on that promise. Golden Abyss was great, but it often felt more like a tech demo showcasing some of what the Vita can do rather than a best-in-class adventure game.

So what do we want? Give us the Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls, they'd look gorgeous on the handhelds OLED screen. Give us Battlefield and Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and DiRT. Give us a reason to pull out our Vitas at every opportunity, instead of now and then like we currently are.

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