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6 things PS Vita needs to turn its fortunes around

What Sony can do make its handheld irresistible...

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As well as the unending enjoyment of Vita games, backwards compatibility has allowed us rekindle some long lost love for the PSP. Franchises like GTA, Final Fantasy and God of War shone on Sony's previous portable, and playing them on your sexy new Vita makes them feel new again, despite the slightly dated looking visuals.

But we're greedy and can't help but think about all the nostalgia that Sony still has to offer us. After all, we just spent a crap tonne of money on this hardware, so we deserve some cheap and cheerful retro lovin', don't we?

Our answer is PS2 support on the PSN. An entire era of PS2 classics downloadable straight to your Vita. We're chomping at the bit to fork over our cash in exchange for games like GTA: San Andreas, Okami and Timesplitters 2, it would change our daily commutes. We wouldn't even be too bothered about giving them the HD treatment, just give them to us raw, like we remember all those years ago and we'll be very happy bunnies.

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