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6 things PS Vita needs to turn its fortunes around

What Sony can do make its handheld irresistible...

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As of this moment the just about functional Twitter and Facebook applications are worth downloading on the PS Vita. That's pretty disgraceful, especially for what is being positioned as a social hub as much as a gaming platform.

So, give us BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm, NetFlix, YouTube and all the other video streaming services we're surrounded by nowadays; none of the shoddy, half arsed remote play we have to put up with at the moment. Catapult Vita into the present day making it quick and simple to access content and services on the internet.

Alongside the increased app support, Sony needs to expand on PS3 cross play and integrate it into all new releases. The idea of being able to seamlessly switch from playing the latest PS3 game downstairs to gaming upstairs on your Vita is something we find damn cool, especially if it works as well as what we've seen playing Classic PS1 games right now on PS3.

The capability for all this stuff is there, so why not make full use of it instead of wasting the potential and watching the platform go down the crapper? Pull your finger out Sony.

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