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'The Vita is supposedly far more powerful than the 3DS but it's soulless'

Reader Ade Hawkins thinks Wii U's lack of power is a good thing...

On last week's mailbox Mike Daws contacted us to say he thinks the American Revolution was the perfect place to set Assassin's Creed 3.

This week we've got Ade Hawkins, who thinks Nintendo is right not to make the Wii U a powerhouse of tech.

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Much has been made regarding the rumoured power - or lack thereof - of the Wii U. The truth is, Nintendo can make those chips sing. It isn't about how many teraflops of data you chuck around, it's what you do with them. The Vita is supposedly far more powerful than the 3DS, but it's soulless (with tiddly analogue sticks). So don't worry about whether Wii U has an outdated GPU or 1GB RAM. Worry about how amazing Super Mario Galaxy 3 will look in HD, and the added dimension that controller will provide.

Nintendo Gamer says:: Mario Galaxy defied its SD shackles to keep pace with heftier tech. In HD, there's nothing he can't do. Whatever happens, Nintendo shouldn't chuck their teraflops around - there are ladies present.

CVG says: There's no doubt that Nintendo are the best in the business at making do with little. As has been pointed out the Super Mario Galaxy games, Metroid Prime 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword are just a few examples. But it cannot be denied that the Wii has spent much of this generation on the back foot when it comes to catering to core games enthusiasts.

The system's modest innards have been more than enough to woo grandma and grandpa, but for people like us we've been left feeling slightly disappointed, particularly in this late stage of the console cycle. While Sony and Microsoft's titles continue wow, the Wii is delivering grubby visuals and restrictively designed experiences. Having a powerful hardware can go a long way in giving a console staying power.

Oh and we don't agree that the Vita is soulless, it's a brilliant little device with a bright future ahead of it, as is the 3DS.