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Trials Evolution smashes XBLA sales record

Highest grossing day-one sales in Xbox Live Arcade history

Wine glasses will be chinking wine glasses tonight as Trials Evolution breaks Xbox Live Arcade sales records.


"After the first 24 hours of sales, Trials Evolution has set a record for the highest grossing day-one sales in Xbox LIVE Arcade history," Microsoft has confirmed.

It didn't reveal any specific numbers, but RedLynx did say yesterday that the rush of 100,000 gamers were too many for the servers to cope with on launch day, so that's a good indication of the actual sales figure.

The title released earlier this week to widespread critical acclaim, including our review which called it the best XBLA game ever.

Trials Evolution is the sequel to the brilliant Trials HD, which has you traversing complex obstacle courses on a dirt bike along a 2D plain. This one also has a four-player mode, and a deep content editor with tools capable of not just new biking stages but of entirely different game genres like first-person shooters and much more.

Congrats to the team at RedLynx. Well deserved.