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Cancelled PS3 games footage, including The Getaway 3

Animation showreel also reveals Heavenly Sword 2 was in the works in 2008

A showreel promoting the work of former Sony Cambridge Studio artist and animator Martin Binfield has revealed footage of a number of cancelled PlayStation exclusives.


The video shows shelved concepts for a sci-fi action game and a "lifestyle project", followed by footage from the then-much-anticipated The Getaway 3, which was cancelled in 2008 alongside 8 Days "due to the redistribution of resources and budget".

Binfield's CV reveals he also worked on game concepts and character animation for Heavenly Sword 2 before the game was axed.

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While we definitely would have liked to see The Getaway and Heavenly Sword sequels brought to market, it sounds like there are plenty of exciting games for PS3 fans in the works. God of War: Ascension was announced last week, and other major PlayStation exclusives are being teased for reveals later this week and early next month.