EA skips Wales again with Euro 2012

Fake player names as licensing deal seemingly not sorted

Welsh football fans will be disappointed to discover their national team is again not officially licensed in latest FIFA release, UEFA Euro 2012.


As with some previous FIFA games, the PS3, 360 and PC expansion includes a playable Wales team, but none of the official kits or players names are correct. 'Aaron Rumsey' and 'Craig Belmont' are the star players.

In 2009, Welsh fans reacted with anger at their team being mysteriously cut from the year's FIFA instalment, with some pledging to boycott the game altogether.

"I don't know why but maybe the people at FIFA no longer see us as a footballing nation and think we are no longer worthy of a place in the game," said one fan.

In reality there's likely a far more sensible explanation. In the past the official line has been that EA negotiates the inclusion of national teams with each respective football association, and for whatever reason it's yet to reach an agreement with the Welsh FA.

Until it does they'll have to make do with national hero Gareth Belth speeding down the wing.

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