Why Black Ops 2 will be better than Modern Warfare 3

5 reasons why Treyarch is poised to take the Call of Duty crown

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The Wager Matches were one of Black Ops' most fascinating multiplayer innovations.

Here, players could bet 'COD Points' (a form of currency which could be exchanged for weapons and emblems) against other human players in one of four different game types.


These included the 'Gun Game' (an idea pinched from Counter Strike - each kill upgraded your weapon) and 'Sharpshooter'(where everyone has the same weapon, which swaps around randomly in 45-second cycles).

Although the currency system underpinning it was flawed, these game types were a creative and entertaining way to hoist players out of their comfort zone and get them using weapons they would never otherwise dream of equipping.

All it needs now is a proper sense of danger. It'll be interesting to see whether Treyarch can use the CoD Elite infrastructure to create an environment where the Wager Matches can offer real, meaningful risks - and real rewards, too.

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