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Why Black Ops 2 will be better than Modern Warfare 3

5 reasons why Treyarch is poised to take the Call of Duty crown

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Bar a few choice exceptions (such as the stunning Sanctuary, set inside a Greek monastery), Modern Warfare 3's maps are a dull, industrial bunch. Authentic they may be, but there's little that catches the eye.


This is obviously a matter of personal preference, but we felt more at home waging war on some of Black Ops' more outlandish battlescapes. We're talking abandoned zoos, indoor ice rinks and derelict movie drive-in theatres.

War's a serious enough business already, so is a bit of levity to lighten the mood too much to ask? Not when you're planting claymores on a golf course, it isn't.

Infinity Ward has dabbled with the absurd as well (most memorably with Modern Warfare 2's Carnival), but there's a more playful vibe surrounding Treyarch's map settings and we're looking forward to seeing what ridiculous war theatres they're going to brew up this time around.

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