10 Hidden Secrets Every Gamer Should Have Found

Skyrim, Uncharted, Gears of War 3 - the monster secrets developers thought you'd never discover...

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The entire Metal Gear Solid series is littered with hidden secrets, and this one is THE DADDY. While battling a member of the Beauty and the Beast unit, shoot off their power armour - but then lead them around for several minutes without killing them.

You will be transported to a white area where the Beauty will continue to pursue you, but if you've collected the digital camera (found during mission briefings) pointing it at them will cause them to stop and pose for you.

Also, if you equip the iPod and play the track 'Oishii Two-han Seikatsu', they'll even perform a little dance for you. Awkward.



Beards often make an appearance on videogame battlefields, but this secret shows the hirsute fun doesn't need to be limited to a single character.

Start a new campaign on Insane difficulty, then once the Prologue mission kicks in follow Dom and keep looking at him before looking away. Repeat this a number of times and you'll hear him say "Yo!" when you're halfway there, followed later by "What was that all about?" which indicates the secret has been unlocked.

Move on to the next chapter and you'll notice that everyone now has Dom's beard - female and even helmeted characters included! These beards will remain until you next get killed, so plainly you should do everything you possibly can to avoid getting murderised.



The inhabitants of Grand Theft Auto IV's faux New York may talk about the Statue of Happiness being the heart of Liberty City, but it turns out this couldn't be closer to the truth.

The only way to reach this secret area is to steal a helicopter and fly to Happiness Island, then bail out close enough to the statue to fall onto the upper area of the statue base. Locate the doorway signposted "No Hidden Content This Way" (nice try, Rockstar) and head through to find a ladder rising up inside the statue. Climb to the top and you'll find a massive chained up heart pumping away. Creepy.



Developers id have a long history of making first person shooters - and, within Rage, they hid homages to previous titles Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.

The most impressive of these is the Doom area, which can be accessed from the Gearhead Vault. Towards the end of this section there are several offices full of computer equipment, and, although no prompts appear on screen, pressing the action button on some of the keyboards will produce a Doom sound effect. Activate seven of these bad boys and head back to the exit where a door behind some boxes to the left can now be opened.

Climb over the boxes and enter the portal to be transported to the Doom- themed area with retro music and surroundings.

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