'I'm starting to have problems with the technical aspects of Call of Duty'

Should Activision give the games more time in the oven?

On last week's mailbox Ade Hawkins e-mailed to say he thinks Nintendo is right not to make the Wii U a powerhouse of tech.

This week Tim Smith says he thinks Activision should spend more time refining Call of Duty titles, instead of releasing new ones yearly. We're sure there's a few of you out there that agree...

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For years I have been a huge fan of the Call of Duty series, however I'm starting to have problems with some of the technical aspects of the game. Yes, glitches do slip through the testing net, and all we ask is that they send out a patch and it's all fixed. So why do I still have bullet holes in smashed windows and floating dead people while I play Black Ops?

The series seems to be more about selling new DLC, rather than supporting and fixing older games. Yes, it's good to get a new CoD each year, but I would rather Activision and Infinity Ward spent the time making a really great game every few years, rather than lots of broken games and DLC every November. It's all about quality not quantity for me.

XBW says: As long as millions continue to buy CoD every year, don't expect Activision's strategy to change. In their defence, they have done a good job of patching their games, but we agree − more development time on the next CoD would be superb.

CVG says: Flawless multiplayer experiences are always going to be rare but we think Activision have done an admirable job. Ironing out the kinks is always going to be a case of being reactive to issues when they arise, and often it might not be worth spending resources to do so years after the release of a game, which could be the case for CoDBlOps.