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Vita hits new new record low in Japan

A whole 40 units lower than last week

Vita sales have continued down the sluggish slope in Japan this week, dropping 44 units under last week's record low.


Weekly Vita sales fell below 10,000 units for the first time in Japan during the seven days ended April 8, slipping from 12,105 units the previous week to 8,931. In contrast, Nintendo 3DS sales are actually up by more than 20,000 units this week.

We love Vita, but maybe Sony should release some games or something?

Here are the numbers in full for April 16 to April 22:

3DS - 84,760
PS3 - 16,390
PSP - 11,779
Vita - 8,206
Wii - 7,025
Xbox 360 - 1,282
PS2 - 1,172
DSi LL - 760
DSi - 516

[ SOURCE: Nintendo Everything ]