Get Ninja Gaiden 3's difficulty update while it's free

'Ultimate Ninja' difficulty free for a month, other new DLC arrives

Tecmo Koei has released another load of download content for Ninja Gaiden 3.


The Ultimate Ninja difficulty is a new harder setting for those mad skills, and is free until May 24, so don't mess around.

Also available are new Ninja Trials packs for the Ultimate Ninja difficulty, and additional equipment items. That lot can be bought individually or as a complete set in the 'Ninja Pack 3' for $9.99 or 800 MS Points.

Also, a new multiplayer shadow rule for Clan Battles has been released as a free update, which can be had on PS3 simply by firing up the game and downloading the automatic update, or on Xbox by downloading the Ninja Pack 1 Lite from the Marketplace.

Check out all this new stuff in action in the new showcase video below:

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