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Steam: Play Modern Warfare 3 for free this weekend

Steam promo sets you loose on the game's entire multiplayer for free

Activision will let all six people who don't own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 play for free this weekend via Steam.


The 'Free Weekend' promo kicks off tomorrow, April 26, at 10am Pacific (6pm UK), and will let you play the entire multiplayer portion of the game to your heart's content.

Or until Monday, when the free weekend ends and you're given the boot (close time went unspecified). You can pre-load the game (link below) now so you don't waste any play time.

Recent reports claim that annual Call of Duty franchise sales are beginning to slow down with estimates that Modern Warfare 3 volume sales are behind last year's game by around 4.2 percent. Money-saving Pot Noodle and dry bread for Activision staff this year, then.

[ SOURCE: Steam ]