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Video game soundtracks: The 100 best themes of all time (Part 1)

Put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and go for a trip down memory lane

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11. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon / "I Am Impact"

Year: 1997 / Composer: Shigeru Araki

Mystical Ninja was notable for squeezing proper recorded songs into its tiny 128mb cartridge, the best of which was the insane theme of Goemon's giant robot pal, Impact.

12. Deus Ex / "Main Title"

Year: 2000 / Composer: Alexander Brandon

Deus Ex had dynamic music that would change to reflect your actions, but its most enduring composition is Alexander Brandon's theme tune. Zero Punctuation's Yahtzee added some lyrics.

13. F-Zero / "Mute City"

Year: 1990 / Composer: Yumiko Kanki

F-Zero's fast-paced racing felt all the faster thanks to its energetic, pulse-pounding soundtrack. The Mute City theme is our favourite. You can almost FEEL the speed.

14. Super Mario 64 / "Jolly Roger Bay"

Year: 1996 / Composer: Koji Kondo

The man behind the original Super Mario Bros. theme composed this enchanting track to accompany Mario 64's superb underwater level. That damn eel...

15. Doom / "At Doom's Gate"

Year: 1993 / Composer: Bobby Prince

Also known as 'E1M1', this badass metal track was chosen by John Romero to be the soundtrack to Doom's opening level. The urge to play air guitar is uncontrollable.

16. Mass Effect / "Uncharted Worlds"

Year: 2007 / Composer: Sam Hulick

This is the background music of the Normandy's galaxy map. The original Mass Effect's soundtrack was classy and understated, and arguably the best of the series.

17. Red Dead Redemption / "Far Away"

Year: 2010 / Composer: José González

Composed especially for the game, this track plays unexpectedly when you first arrive in Mexico. It perfectly evokes the mystery of the new environment, and the tragedy of Marston's story.

18. Ico / "Heal"

Year: 2001 / Composer: Michiru Oshima

Ico's soundtrack is famously sparse. Most of the time all you can hear is the sound of the wind. But whenever you rested, you'd hear this calming melody, bringing a moment of respite.

19. GoldenEye 007 / "Facility"

Year: 1997 / Composer: Graeme Norgate

GoldenEye's brilliant Facility infiltration mission felt all the more Bond-like thanks to this memorable tune which incorporates elements of Monty Norman's classic theme.

20. PaRappa the Rapper / "Chop Chop Master Onion Rap"

Year: 1996 / Composer: Masaya Matsuura

How can you not love a talking onion that teaches you kung-fu via the medium of rap? Chop Chop is PaRappa's most memorable character, and this track will stick in your head for days.

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