Video game soundtracks: The 100 best themes of all time (Part 1)

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21. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars / "Intro"

Year: 1996 / Composer: Barrington Pheloung

This had a great classical score, created by long-time TV and film composer Barrington Pheloung. Did you know he's the guy who wrote the theme for Inspector Morse? Now you do.

22. Killer Instinct / "Main Theme"

Year: 1996 / Composer: Robin Beanland

This is the high quality version of the theme that came with the 'Killer Cuts' CD you got bundled with the game. It may well be one of the most '90s pieces of music ever recorded.

23. Super Metroid / "Item Acquisition"

Year: 1994 / Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

The rest of Super Metroid's score was dark and oppressive, reflecting the dangerous planet Zebes, but this fanfare - heard when you get an item - was a moment of calm in the storm.

24. Space Harrier / "Main Theme"

Year: 1985 / Composer: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

Video game music doesn't get much better than this. Kawaguchi's blistering, high-energy theme is the perfect match for Space Harrier's slick, fast-paced gameplay.

25. Streets of Rage / "Fighting in the Street"

Year: 1991 / Composer: Yuzo Koshiro

This critically acclaimed soundtrack became a hit album in Japan. The pounding trance/techno will forever be associated with punching street thugs in the balls.

26. The Secret of Monkey Island / "Intro"

Year: 1990 / Composer: Michael Land

Land's soundtrack can best be described as 'pirate reggae'. This theme tune is super catchy, and has featured in every Monkey Island game to date.

27. Alex Kidd in Miracle World / "Theme"

Year: 1986 / Composer: Tokuhiko Uwabo

This is either one of the catchiest themes ever, or one of the most annoying. It played incessantly throughout the entire game, and drove us a bit mad as kids.

28. Grim Fandango / "Casino Calavera"

Year: 1998 / Composer: Peter McConnell

The Grim Fandango soundtrack was a sublime mix of jazz, bebop, and big band music. This toe-tapping number plays when Manny becomes owner of a casino in year two.

29. Deus Ex: Human Revolution / "Icarus"

Year: 2011 / Composer: Michael McCann

A stunning piece of music with classical and modern themes intertwining. The retro synths hark back to the original game's score. Powerful, evocative stuff.

30. Mirror's Edge / "Still Alive"

Year: 2008 / Composer: Lisa Miskovsky

Mirror's Edge sadly may never get a sequel, but we'll always remember it for its superb free-running mechanics and fantastic score. The theme is especially good.

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